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HERE GOES NOTHING!!…. 4 Love of Food….

HERE GOES NOTHING!!…. 4 Love of Food….

Wow, hi!  I am thrilled that someone is reading my words….  Hopefully it is someone other than my Mom….  If not….. hi Mom, again!!!

I am a middle-aged (wow, that sounds terrible!) woman who lives in a small town in south eastern British Columbia, Canada.  I live with my husband of 26 years and my 7 year old dog, Maggie.  Maggie is half golden retriever and half border collie and all sweet.  My two kids are in university and seem to be slowly finding their way in the world. 4 Love of Food is a new blog that combines some things I enjoy doing.

This blog is about my love of food.  As I looked down the barrel at my looming 50th birthday, my daughter’s words rang in my mind….  “why are you not a food blogger?”  It took me exactly one night’s sleep to decide that really, why not?  Why wouldn’t I start to write about something I love and just see where it goes.  It is nothing but time after all!  I enjoy writing, I enjoy cooking and I enjoy photography.

It is not a predictable choice for me.  You see, I have spent most of my adult life being a lawyer.  When I was in grade 6, a frustrated teacher turned to me and said, “you will argue about anything, you should be a lawyer!”  Right then, I realized that there was something positive about what had, up until then, been widely considered by the adults in my world to be something that was annoying and should be discouraged and disciplined.  At that moment, I decided to become a lawyer and really never considered another alternative.  Every step I took academically was with that end in mind without really ever considering whether I wanted to become a lawyer.  It was just a goal to be met.

So, after 3 years of undergrad university, I wrote the Law School Admission Test and promptly went home and got drunk.  You see, I was convinced that I had completely botched the test and had ruined my life (so much drama!)  As it turned out, I had finished in the 93 percentile of the test.  Off I went to law school, then to articling and then to a career practicing law.  For twenty plus long (I mean really long) years, I practiced law but never really felt the way that I thought I would.   It was a lot of stress and a lot of lost sleep and apparently, I wasn’t so much fun to live with (cue Husband).  Finally, two years ago, I decided to give up my practice and take on a “less stressful role” with a first nation band.  Joke is on me!  Haha!

Anyways, over the years, one thing that has continually challenged me and given me enjoyment and satisfaction, is cooking.   You see, I love food.  I love the colour of it, I love the texture of it, I love creating flavours — I just love it all.  That love is certainly evidenced by the excessive soft pillow around my midsection, but I digress.  That is the subject of another post!

Every year that goes by, I think my skills get better and I want to challenge myself more.  This blog will challenge me and hopefully, I will provide some information, laughs and tips along the way for you, my readers.  I will go on the record by saying that I am a self-taught cook, writer and photographer so please be patient while I learn with you as an audience.  I look forward to constructive comments and thank you for coming along on my journey!

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