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Handmade Chocolate Turtles

Handmade Chocolate Turtles

Time consuming but always a big hit!

Course Dessert
Cuisine Holiday
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Servings 52


  • 10 ounce sweetened condensed milk one can
  • 25 ounces chocolate any quality kind, chopped
  • 52 pecan halves


  1. Place your turtle molds and a small, clean paintbrush in your work area.  

  2. Pour sweetened condensed milk into large microwaveable container.  Place in microwave on high for two minutes.  Remove and stir.  Return to microwave and reduce power to 50% and time to one minute.  Remove and stir.  Reduce power to between 10 and 30% power depending on the power of your microwave.  You will need to stir every 30 to 40 seconds to prevent the milk from boiling over.  It will take 10 - 15 minutes depending on your microwave. 

  3. Set up double boiler on your stove top and add the chocolate.  Stir occasionally and keep on the heat until chocolate is melted and smooth.

  4. Remove pot from the heat and place it on a heat resistant surface in your work area.

  5. Using a small spoon, add some melted chocolate to each turtle mold.  Using your paint brush, paint the chocolate over the mold to cover each part of it.  Once the tray is complete, lift the mold over head and look at it from the bottom to identify any spots you may have missed.

  6. Chill until set.

  7. Once the chocolate has set firmly, add a dollop of caramelized sweetened condensed milk into the belly of the turtle.  See photos in post above for visual aid.

  8. Place one pecan half round side down into the caramel and then fill the remaining space in the turtle mold with more melted chocolate.

  9. Once you have filled all of the turtles in the mold, gently drop the tray a few times to dislodge any air bubbles.

  10. Return to chiller until it sets.  

  11. Once the chocolate has set completely, turn the mold upside down and pop the turtles out on to a plate.  It sometimes takes a bit of effort to get them out but if you are having a lot of trouble, you likely have not let them set long enough.